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  1. Contact us to check date, and package, availability
  2. Reserve your date by making a deposit (either by mail, or online by credit card)
  3. Receive the User ID and Password for our selections pages (not applicable for the Simply Clearwater Package).  You will find all of our ceremony selections photographed and numbered for easy selection.  We also have an information video on how beach weddings work.  As well as information for our out-of-state couples on how to obtain your Florida marriage License by mail, if wanted.
  4. You will receive a confirmation packet by email, which will include a contract confirming pricing, ceremony location and time (that you have chosen), a general timeline for the day of the ceremony, and a worksheet to fill in all of your selections choices.  
  5. All selections, and balance, are due 30 days from your ceremony date. (You can return completed forms via email, or mail them to our office)
  6. Approximately one week before your Florida Beach Wedding, you will receive a detailed ceremony agenda.  So, as you are getting ready to travel to Florida destination beach wedding, you can see that we have all of your ceremony details covered.
  7. Show up on your wedding date, and get married!

Now that you know that we take care of all of your beach wedding needs, contact Total Beach Weddings, and start planning your beach wedding on the amazing beaches of Clearwater or St. Pete Beach!

TOTAL BEACH WEDDINGS is dedicated in providing you all-inclusive beach weddings to fit your Clearwater Beach Wedding or your St. Petersburg Beach Wedding ceremony dreams.  Our "total" beach wedding packages include everything you will need, or want:  Officiant, decor, and photography, plus much more.

Clearwater Beach is just one of the many beaches in Florida where you can have your beach wedding.  You can plan on a beautiful Florida beach wedding ceremony on just about any beach in the state of Florida.  With 1,350 miles of coastline, Florida has a beach that is right for you!  When your state's nickname is the "Sunshine State" and the official state flower is the orange blossom, how can you not want to have your beach wedding in Florida!

With our exclusive Total Selections pages, available for all of our Florida Beach Weddings, you will be able to choose all of your ceremony decorations, flowers, sand ceremony sand colors, and ceremony and vow choices.  We make your Clearwater beach wedding as stress-free, and elegant, as it should be. 

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all all surrounding beach areas!

St. Petersburg Beach Weddings

Great resorts, golfing, boating, fishing and beautiful beach sunsets.   If you choose St. Petersburg, your family can combine make a complete vacation and enjoy all of your wedding festivities.  

The "sunshine city" is the nickname for St. Petersburg.  With lots of sunshine year-round - and the holder of the Guiness World Book of Records for the most consecutive days of sunshine ever - 768 days in a row!

All types of places to eat, visit, the local art scene, and great festivals and concerts, you may not have enough time on your first visit to experience it all.  So, you will have to come back year after year, on your wedding anniversary, and enjoy St. Pete all over again!

​Clearwater Beach Weddings


Florida Beach Weddings in Clearwater: What better way to have a Florida destination beach wedding? Your guests will appreciate that you have chosen a location with so much to do!

Your guests can combine your Clearwater Beach Wedding with their vacation: Busch Gardens, Tampa Aquarium, Disneyworld, Universal, Seaworld, Dining cruises, beaches, snorkeling, and fishing are just some of the many activities your guests can enjoy when they attend your Florida destination wedding.

Also, with the cruise ship terminals, such as Carnival Cruise Lines, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon into one trip! Plan your Florida beach wedding in Clearwater, then travel the short distance to the Port of Tampa and hop on your honeymoon cruise!